This year, I have decided to run again for the “Guv’na of Lutz”.   The Lutz Guv’na race has been a tradition in this small community for more than two decades.   In case you are wondering what that is, it is a honorary title and the person who wins it is a goodwill ambassador for Lutz. 

Every donation that I receive goes to a local charity of my choice within the Lutz community. The candidate that raises the most money will be announced following the Lutz parade on July 4, 2014.   So please, take a moment and  donate  whatever you can, even a dollar can have an impact on someone’s life and help me to win the title “Guv’na of Lutz”. 

Last year was a blast and can’t wait to start a new campaign this year.  Make sure you check back often to see what events I will be having to raise money, and to meet me in person.


Thank You,
Susan Gulash





Would you like to be part of my cabinet?

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What will you receive with the $50 donation?

1. Name or Business Name on our website of and

2. Your Name or Business Name and information will be in our business directory of our online publication called, “Florida Creative Living Magazine”.

3. Your name or Business Name will be announced on our live radio show of Florida Creative Living.

Will be accepting donations until July 1, 2014.

Remember, if you became part of my cabinet that you are helping the community of Lutz! Do something great today, DONATE NOW !