Label design can make or break the success of a new product, or the continued popularity of an older item.  An attractive label design combined with a good price will tempt a consumer to try something new. An outdated label will often be perceived as an outdated product.  Most of our favorite products have changed logo or label designs multiple times over the years. The following are some examples of label or logo changes for the better:

Betty Crocker

Betty has graced the labels of many “General Mills” products for over 75 years.  She has transitioned from matronly to motherly.  In 1972 she took on the professional look of a working mother.  In 1996 her eyes changed from blue to brown, and she took on a younger, ethnic appearance.  This Betty still appeals to today’s multicultural woman.


The Planters peanut and peanut butter labels have also changed over the years.  Mr. Peanut now often wears a jacket, and is more active. “Nutrition,” “natural,” and “healthy” are words frequently seen. Mr. Peanut now resounds with today’s health conscious consumer.


Starbucks has had four distinctive cup labels since 1971.  The logo was originally brown, then changed to green lettering surrounding a black image.  In 2011 the wording was removed, and the label became the recognized green crowned woman we see today.  According to their website, the idea was to position themselves to offer more non-coffee products to widen their target audience.

Taco Bell

The Taco Bell “bell”  has changed color over the years.  Most of their restaurants still have the pink bell, however, their boxes mainly use a black and white  bell image.   Taco Bell also rebranded with a new slogan, “Live Mas.” This is Spanish for “Live More.” A Spanish slogan adds authenticity to their product.


Walmart has also modernized their logo as the years have gone by.  Most noticeably, the hyphen is gone, and the sun symbol is everywhere. Now, just the color blue and a sun symbol brings their name to mind.  Walmart’s television commercials always show reusable, blue bags.  This shows that Walmart is conscious of the environment .

In these examples, and others not listed, a lot of thought was given to how people perceive products.  Less seems to be more, with simpler, classic label designs replacing more complex designs of earlier years. When a consumer looks at a a sun symbol, or a green goddess on a cup, and thinks of the product, the designer has done a successful job.