Had fun at the Guv’na of Lutz Debate Today! There was a watermelon spitting contest, and cow patty throwing, and kissing the babies of Lutz which was two precious bunnies.  Guess who won the watermelon spitting contest?

 Marion Smith wrote about the Debate below:

I want to say THANKS A LOT to all the folks who came out the the Great Guv’na Debate today to support our candidates, Karin D’Amico, who won the debate, Suzin Carr, who won the talent contest hands down and the cow chip throwin’ contest, Susan Gulash, who won the watermelon eatin’ and seed spittin’ contest (and didn’t even get her dress messed up), and Lauren Leahey, who won the Best Liar contest, as evidenced by the infallible Lutz Lie Detector Test. They were all great sports! Thanks too to all the helpers, including Rod, Pat, Paul (our emcee), Suzin, Eleanor, Phyllis, Jan, Mitch, our baby holders, and our Lie Detector Noise Makers. Thanks to our former Guv’nas and candidates who came out, especially to Cheryl Benton, who endured the heat in her Southern Belle costume.