For those of you that know me, know that I have a history of migraines. In the last three days I have had one that just doesn’t want to go away. Today, I was to participate in the Guv’na of Lutz Debate this afternoon but unfortunately with the migraine I was unable to attend. So thankful for the current Guv’na of Lutz, Suzin Buzas Carr for offering to not only find a replacement to answer the questions/games in my absence but also come to North Lutz to pick up my goodies to sale at the debate.

Suzin Carr and Son Chandler

Son Chandler and Suzin Carr

You may be wondering who was my replacement? It was none other then Suzin’s son Chandler who by the way is thirteen years olds. I understand from his mother that he did an outstanding job answering questions, and also winning the watermelon eating contest. WAY TO GO CHANDLER!!! Even though I wasn’t there I have to say that for any thirteen year old to get up and answer questions and play silly games is my hero. Chandler has two remarkable parents that have taught him to “Choose Well” in life:)

By the way I have to say THANK YOU to POP POP Chuck Johnson for making his famous Maine Syrup Popcorn. It was a big hit at the Debate today. He made 25 bags and we have just a few left. How much was raised at the Debate from popcorn sales? Let’s just say it’s over $40 dollars.