Winner of 2014 Guv’na of Lutz

I want to take a second before I head off to catch up on my sleep, to say THANK YOU to the following people who made this day a memorable one.


Thank you Dean K. Piper with for allowing me to take his radio slot today for two hours to cover the parade in Lutz Florida. Thanks to my sound engineer Jessica Piper with radio for helping with us to get Florida Creative Living radio show going this morning even after losing connention.


Thanks to Suzin Buzas Carr for allowing us to use her pop up tent for our vendor table, and for all the community support that you did as the Guv’na of Lutz. You will be missed;( Thank you to all the other candidates that ran for the race this year and raising all together over “$9,500 (Cindy PerkinsLiane CarusoJerome Smalls, Jay Murry) way to go guys!!!


Thanks to my team members who helped at the event, Chuck Johnson,Steve Layland, Michael CorreaChristine CorreaJune Hall and her husband Timothy Hall, Jennifer Doucette and her husband Nathan Doucette and their two children, Kellye Dash.To my husband Brian Gulash Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping not only with setting the vendor table, decorating the car and trailer for our float in the parade, and then coming home to throw a fourth of July party at our house. I am one blessed person to have a loving, supportive husband that would fly to the moon and back for me. I wouldn’t trade you in for another:)

Even though I am running on 6 hours of sleep total in the last two days it was all worth it to know that I helped to raise money for the community of Lutz. It’s a great day to be an American!

If you would like to see Dr. Cindy Perkins being sworn in, please click on the button below.

Thank You,

Susan Gulash






MY 2014 CABINETSworn In Video


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